Why Upgrading to Smart Gym?

Help clients improve fitness results quantitatively, and optimize gym operations for marketing through technology.

  • Smart Front Desk Reception.

  • Membership Management System.

  • Digital Training & Training Data Analysis

  • Grounded Marketing Advices.

Comprehensive Software Services

We offer a range of technology services to improve your gym's operations, from cloud services to app development.

Gym Smart Transformation

We can assist you in achieving an intelligent transformation for your traditional gym at a minimal cost.

Affordable Cost

We offer affordable options for small gym owners to create a smart gym. Smart retrofits for existing gyms start at just $10,000.

Smart Gate System

Our system provides support for face recognition, bracelet recognition, and remote opening.

Intelligent Lockers

The membership system, face recognition, and mobile app integration allow for cabinet control.

Smart Shower System

Our shower system allows you to easily unlock it through our app, which can help you save water and control your costs.

Advanced Body Measurement

Reports on physical measurements, trend analysis over time, and visual comparisons of physical status.

Smart Workout Tracker

Transforming and networking all equipment in the arena can make the arena intelligent and record the fitness process.

Fitness digitalization

We collect training data using our proprietary technology, which is then analyzed using our back-end systems for comprehensive data analysis.

Training Data Visualization

Training results, heart rate status, kinetic display, real-time visualization.

Membership System

Membership management is straightforward and user-friendly. It generates detailed reports for each member, including fitness data.

Training Data Visualization

All operational data is automatically summarized in a concise and clear manner, enabling you to make informed marketing decisions.

Our Team

Our team combines experience and innovation to create smart gym solutions. With over 10 years of fitness expertise, we understand the complexities of well-being. Our developers, who have worked at tech giants like Tencent and Alibaba, integrate their innovation into every aspect. Together, we're creating the future of fitness technology by seamlessly blending years of fitness knowledge with groundbreaking digital advancement.

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